Toronto’s Festival of Beer 2013

The Toronto Beer festival is one of my favorite events of the summer. I have been a happy beer fest attendee for the past few years and always find something new and different to try – that’s what keeps me going back for more and more. This year the beer was complimented with fantastic food from a few hip restaurants around the city including – Pizza Libretto, Campagnolo, Oyster Boy and Rock Lobster. There were also a few interesting food trucks and trends to choose from like fish tacos and spicy kimchi nachos.

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toronto beer fest 2013

TO beer fest is a 3 day event over a weekend at the end of July. It’s filled with music, food and most importantly, local, mico and macro breweries sampling their old favorites and new gems for beer lovers all over the GTA. Every year I go, I walk away talking about my new favorite brews that I can’t wait to have again and share with friends and family. And of course there are always a few that don’t make the cut. If you are not a beer lover please don’t let the name throw you off, there are plenty of other cocktails and ciders to be sampled as well.  Here are some highlights from the weekend…

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