Top 5 Food Tours In Toronto

We are so lucky to live in a city full of culture and culinary adventures to be had on a daily basis. Toronto is known for having some of the most amazing and diverse restaurants and chefs in Canada. The problem is sometimes we don’t know where these yummy places can be found in our booming metropolis. It can be overwhelming for visitors or newcomers to Toronto and even seasoned locals like me to map out the perfect culinary experience we are all hungry for. There is however, a way out of our culinary dilemma. How about booking a guided food tour?! Why not just let someone else do the work for us? We can sit back, relax, catch a little buzz and enjoy the food coma at the end of it all. There are a few local companies in Toronto who offer regular, guided eating tours of restaurants and bars in different neighbourhoods around the city. One price includes all your food and drinks, plus expert commentary and an introduction to some of the city’s hidden gems. I want you to fill up your tummies and your mind with my top 5 food tour picks in Toronto; and since most of these are walking tours you will work off some of the calories along the way. Bonus! … Read the rest at Toronto City Gossip

I recently started writing for Toronto City Gossip – an amazing Toronto lifestyle site where you can read all the latest and exciting gossip happening in Toronto. I will be contributing regularly as their restaurant reviewer and to their ‘top 5’ – so stay tuned and keep reading it and eating it!

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