The County General – New Restaurant to hit Queen West

The newest restaurant from the owners of Splendido to hit Queen West is called The County General. I had watched the the transformation over the last month of the old Oddfellows into this new buzzed about joint and I was looking forward to checking out. It opened up literally down the street from me at Queen and Shaw about two weeks ago. My cousin and I went to check it out for lunch last Friday afternoon and enjoyed the homey feeling it gave us immediately when we walked in. We sat at the cute little table beside the front window, we people watched and totally dug our server who was super nice and enthusiastic about the new restaurant and its food. I liked all the wood throughout the restaurant and the country chic feel with the plaid napkins and cutting boards used as serving plates. We looked over the menu and I kinda wanted a bite of everything (classic Erin) but we decided on a few things to share.

We started lunch by sharing the homemade White Bean Ham and Mustard Soup. This was soo good. I loved how fresh it was with the crispy croutons, fresh basil and cilantro on top. Ya, we loves this!

We shared two sandwiches – The Fried Chicken Thigh with Buttermilk Chicken, Milk Bun, Avocado Chutney Coriander and Green Onion and The Catfish Sandwich topped with Pickled Watermelon and Hickory Sticks.

They sous-vide the chicken thigh until cooked through and tender, then they lightly flour it and fry it just until golden brown. I love a good fried chicken sandwich – this one was not it for me. I didn’t like the fattiness of the chicken thigh, it just didn’t work for me at all for a sandwich.

Loved the Catfish sandwich – the pickled watermelon was unique, sour and sweet while the hickory sticks gave the whole sandwich amazing texture. This one was a hit for me.

I really enjoyed the French fries and house-made smoked ketchup – loved the presentation of everything. I want to try the brisket sandwich so badly and will mos def be hitting this place up for a killer brunch on the weekend. Check it out – its really worth it!

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  1. Samantha
    October 12, 2011

    Sounds great Erin, especially the pickled watermelon part. Can’t wait to try it out when I get back.
    And nice waiters are always a plus!


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