Snack Time at Yours Truly!

How lucky am I that the new snack time cocktail hot spot on the Ossington Strip is my also my new neighbor? Literally steps away from my home is a perfect little hang out to get cozy, share some delicious creative food and get tipsy on a few classic drinks.

Yours Truly opened up mid December 2011 and is gaining more and more popularity as the months go on. Whipped duck fat, blood sausage, salt cod, warm Thuet bread and deviled eggs are just a few of the items you may come across on their snacks menu. A few weeks ago I actually went to Yours Truly 3 times in one week. I didn’t really plan it that way, it just happened and I’m definitely not complaining. First on a Saturday night to check it out and have a quick drink, I would recommend their Bourbon cocktail called Rare Earth. It is very similar to a Manhattan but made with rhubarb bitters. Then on the Monday for a fun date night and back again on Friday night with the girls. Each time I was very impressed and delighted with the service and consistency of the food. The prices here are fantastic for the portion sizes, everything is very easy to share. With each dish priced between $5-$7 you will leave happy, full and with a few extra bucks to get a tequila down the street.

If you are just not into sharing, Yours Truly offers a daily prix fixe menu, except on Wednesdays. This is the day that is dedicated to snack time and you will see a few different features on the menu to choose from. Also, if you stick around until after 10pm on any given evening, they add one or two different snacks to the menu – make sure to ask your server!

I had the Lamb Xian Sandwich both times I ate here, the cumin and tender pieces of lamb were addictive. The girls and I shared The Pickles on the Friday night and loved the radishes and cabbage so much!

The pork lettuce wraps were bursting with flavor from the marinade, hot chili sauce and cilantro. They were little bundles of crispy pork belly joy. The Chorizo Mash wasn’t on the menu, it was an after 10pm special and it blew my mind. Soft creamy potato wrapped around blood sausage and was topped with chorizo, crunchy croutons and a duck egg. Whenever I go back I will forever keep asking if this is on the menu until I get it again.

The menu is always changing so make sure to follow them on twitter or check their website for the updates.

Yours Truly
229 Ossington Ave. 416-533-2243,



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