Singapore Street Food At Hawker Bar

Hawker Bar is creating quite the buzz here on the Ossington Strip. The new Singapore street style restaurant set to open this month is inspired by the Hawker stalls of Singapore where the street food originates. Check out this link where Chef Anthony Bourdain explores Singapore and the hawker stalls there.

[youtube ZSklJCZ40V0 nolink]

Hawker bar is a boutique restaurant that will seat no more than 25 people and is brought to us by the owners of Poutini’s. The two brothers and friends Casimir Alyea, Andrew Mistry, and Nick and Fred Laliberte are the restaurateurs behind 164 Ossington Ave. Together they are excited to embark on a new journey in hospitality, all stemming from their ten month long adventure through Australia in 2004. Here they discovered Singapore street food and have been searching for a place that offers the same delicious and unique dishes ever since. Well the search has ended because they have decided to create it themselves. Their chef Alec Martin is from Australia and I am told has a deep passion for Singaporean cuisine and will be making a killer Laksa noodle soup!

Hawker Bar will be open for lunch and dinner seven days a week. They will offer takeout – at a discount to regular menu prices. They are also considering a weekend brunch depending on feedback and interest from their guests. They plan to serve food until late in hopes of accommodating their service industry friends and bringing some delicious chill late night eats to Ossington – which I think we are lacking.

The guys are confident that Hawker Bar will be an intimate and unique dining experience, while some of our neighbours are trying to fight this wonderful idea from happening. I live on Ossington and personally I welcome new and exciting developments in our community. I was stopped the other day by a neighbour of mine who I really enjoy chatting with time to time. He was rude and basically tried to bully me into signing a petition going around to restrict Hawker Bar from staying open passed 11pm. They are worried that this restaurant is going to encourage litter, loiterers, graffiti and more noise from intoxicated patrons. Um OK man, cmon, you are aware that you live on one of Toronto’s hottest streets where people specifically come to go out, eat, dance and drink right? I explained that I wouldn’t be signing it and that I was looking forward to a new late night option close by to us in this big alive city. I was called selfish and told that I was part of the “young late night crowd” and wasn’t supporting my community. How do people think they can make changes or get anything done by talking like that to people that want help from?! I don’t get it – what I do get is food and a new cultural experience to be had on Ossington as well as supporting a new local business that will be a great addition to our fantastic street.

Follow Hawker Bar on Twitter @HawkerBar and stay up to date with their plans, menu and updates on their opening.

164 Ossington Ave. Toronto, Ontaro, M6J 2Z7

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