Should Everything Taste Like Bacon?

Today is the day I tried Baconnaise for the first time. I love bacon and I was super intrigued on how this was going to taste. Reading over their website gave me some giggles and a few ideas on what I should do with it. After reading some of the recipes on their site like Bacon Rub Baby Back Ribs and Chocolate Baconnaise Cupcakes, I decided on a sandwich. I thought making a chicken “BLT” sans the bacon would be a perfect vessel for my first taste of the ultimate bacon flavoured spread.

I picked up this wonderful jar of Baconnaise at The Lakeview Storehouse just down the street from me on Dundas West. I was so excited they had it and more excited to give er a try! “Everything should taste like bacon” is actually written on the label and made me wonder if this is true.

I opened the jar not knowing what to expect and then I smelled it, it was like smokey hickory bacon flavored chips. I mean its not like I expected it to smell like real cooked bacon considering it is actually a vegetarian product made with soy, there is no real bacon in it. Which makes me want to ask what vegetarian would pick up a spread with the name bacon on it, I guess that’s a whole other discussion all together.

I dipped my baby finger in it first to taste the Baconnaise on its own. I was pleasantly surprised, it was creamy and smokey and… bacony! I got my sandwich together on a toasted bun with some cooked chicken I barbecued with this amazing rub maranade recipe you can find in another post in my blog. Topped off my sandwich with some tomato, lettuce, salt and pepper and took a bite. It was super tasty and better than I had expected. However, it most definitely lacked that crunch when you bite into an actual blt with real bacon. So all in all that smokey bacon flavour was there but the texture was not.

I’m now looking forward to making some different recipes from the Baconnaise website, super intrigued by the cupcakes.. just sayin’


MMMyah! What do you think? Should everything taste like bacon?




  1. Brian
    May 30, 2011

    Great article Erin.

    • vicky
      May 31, 2011

      saw baconnaise at the fancy food show last year. A year later, while in NYC I picked up a jar and its now in my fridge!!

      • Erin
        May 31, 2011

        Yah it was an interesting thing to try.. and im so glad I did. You just cant pass up strange food – I love to try anything as least once. Thanks for the comment and keep in touch! xx


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