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Its still raining in Toronto and Im getting sick of it, its been days and days of drizzle and drops and wet. On days like these I always want something warm and comforting to sip on so I today I turned to my fave local coffee shop, Crafted by Te Aro at 135 Ossington Ave. If you live on the west side of  Toronto you probably know all about this shop and love it as much as all of our neighbours. If you are on the east side of Toronto then you probably know of the original Te Aro at 983 Queen St East. This is where Andy Wilkin a native of New Zealand began brewing coffee and roasting his own beans that can now be tasted in cafes all over Toronto.

You must stop by Crafted the next time you want a really great cup of coffee or a fabulously creamy latte. They also have tasty treats like their oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and the most amazing goat cheese and chive scone I have ever tasted. Bring your computer (they have free wifi), bring your friends and family, or bring a book and enjoy the warm service and amazing back patio in the summer (when it`s not raining).


Dear Crafted and Te Aro – Thanks for warming me up today! xx Love Erin


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  1. Greg
    May 4, 2011

    MMMMM Crafted. You forgot to mention that it’s a Siphon bar!!
    A little overpriced, but delicious and amazingly interesting to watch them make!


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