Salt Wine Bar 2.0

If you haven’t been to Salt Wine Bar at 225 Ossington yet then what the F are you waiting for? They have just re-launched a new menu and are always concocting new, interesting and yummy cocktails – you must check it out!

I was there this week for the Salt 2.0 launch with some amazing food loving friends. We sat down to a wonderful tasting of 9 courses, all from the new menu – I know, lucky me! Each course was paired with a beautiful wine which enhanced each dish and really completed the whole tasting.

We started with a few cocktails – Pink lemonade made with Chambord Vodka and Jameson Whisky and a Sloe Gin and Tonic. Then it was on to more food and drink – YUM!

Chilled Heirloom tomato water with Sea Scallop tartar and avocado – paired with their classic Caesar in a shot with a deep fried gherkin pickle. This to me was the most refreshing dish, it was sweet and light – the cilantro garnish really brought out lots of the fresh flavours. I would most definitely go back for this like ASAP!

Goat cheese crostini Jamon Serrano, Black Figs and balsamic paired with Alento

Striped and Golden Beet carpaccio with almonds, tarragon and oranges paired with Alento – I liked the texture of the crunchy almonds and the citrus from the orange went really well with the whole thing.

Carpaccio of Ahi Tuna with mango, coriander, basil and chili lime vinaigrette paired with Alento – have I mentioned how much I lalalove Ahi Tuna before!! YUM

Grilled Sardines on toast with cherry tomato escabeche and basil paired with JPR Loios – Im a little iffy sometimes when it comes to sardines but this dish was awesome, so tasty with the tomato escabeche!

Seared Sea Scallop with sugar snap peas, maple bacon and brown butter vinaigrette paired with JPR Loios – go now and have this! Cooked perfectly, sweet and delicious! I apologize for the crappy photo.

Chipotle Pulled Pork on Toast with guacamole and coriander paired with Quinta de Crasto

Beef Tenderloin with frites, bone marrow butter and red wine sauce paired with Carm Red – yup.. amazing!

Dessert time! Cinnamon Churros with dulce de leche paired with James and the Giant Peach Bellini – sweet crunchy and amazing!

I am looking forward to going back to try some of the other food on their new menu – everything is under $15 and so easy to share. Enjoy xo

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