My Molecular Gastronomy Adventure at L.A.B

Yet another amazing night of food, friends and culinary adventure was had this week. I was invited by The Culinary Adventure Company to join them for a night of molecular gastronomy at L.A.B live and breath at 651 College St. We were brought together to enjoy great food and drink as part of the first Culinary Adventure Club Meetup group. What a great way to explore your own city and meet people who are all passionate about food and trying new restaurants together. All you have to do is just sign up here to be a part of the next adventure – you will honestly have the time of your life eating your way through different areas of Toronto. The Culinary Adventure Company are experts on this, believe me!!

It was such a beautiful evening for a Meetup cocktail before the 6 course tasting got under way. I had one of my fave beers, a Cameron’s lager to start – because I had rode my bike (in heels) to the venue, I was thirsty. They also have other Ontario beer to choose from as well as some amazing signature cocktails. The one signature cocktail that stands out for me and I have written about before is their Smoked Manhattan – it is super unique and tastes of sweet hickory smoke.

[youtube l4zLSQmBaoU nolink]

Howard is an amazing host and came out before each course to talk to us about his creations. The first was Tuna Carpaccio, Edamame Cream and Ponzo Air – the edamame cream isn’t even made with any dairy products, this was deelish!

2nd Course: Wild Game Pate with Duck Confit, Grape Mustarda and Crackling. This dish was so rich and decadent – the duck confit was salty, crispy and perfectly complimented the creamy pate.

3rd Course: Smoked Trout Gnochi, Lemon Confit and Arugula Pistou. I loved the taste of the arugula with the almost candied lemon rind – the textures were great.

4th Course: Cordon Bleu Towers with Tomato Mozzarella Balls. This dish was fantastic! It was crispy and filled with a sunchoke puree instead of cheese, but you would never know the difference. I loved the bizarre twist on this one with the tomato jam stuffed mozzarella ball – so good!

5th Course: Braised Lamb Ravioli, Rappini Puree, Mushroom Foam and Balsamic Jell. The ravioli were served open faced and the lamb was so tender, salty and sweet all at the same time. I just kept on wanting one more bite. The balsamic jelly was interesting – I didn’t love the jelly texture but the intense flavour it had was impressive.

6th Course: Hot Ice Cream, Vincentto and Basil. This dish was unique, it was soft creamy and was more like a creme caramel/panacotta texture. The vanilla ice cream flavour stood out and the best thing was it was served with carbonated raspberries that actually tasted fizzy.

[youtube tOj7jw1ysv4 nolink]

We also had an Ice Wine Tasting: Jackson Triggs Proprietors’ Reserve 2008 Reisling VQA  and a 2007 Cabernet Franc VQA

Howard knows what hes doing in that kitchen and his creativity and passion for what he does will always keep me going back to LAB. Right now they are offering a 3 course prix fixe menu for only $30 – you must go and treat yourself!

If this Culinary Adventure Club Meetup sounds amazing to you, please go ahead and sign up for the upcoming events!! I guarantee you will enjoy yourself – if you have any questions at all about the Meetup group don’t hesitate to ask. Hope to see you on the next one!

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