Mott’s Clamato Canada Day Caesar

With a hint of Maple and Canadian Whisky here is the latest Motts Clamato Caesar creation, this Caesar is truly Canadian and a perfect drink to celebrate the long weekend. The Maple BBQ Caesar was Submitted by Mott’s Clamato Mixing Office, Clint Pattemore @CaesarClint

erin loves food motta clamato BBQ Caesar

Glass: Highball Glass
Garnish: Lime Wedge

Fresh Cracked Black Pepper
Maple Bacon Knot on a skewer
Rim Bacon bits, Fresh Cracked Salt and Pepper


1 oz. Canadian Whisky

1 spoon Maple BBQ Sauce

2 dashes Hot Sauce

3 dashes Worcestershire

3 dashes Fresh Cracked Salt and Pepper

4 oz. Mott’s Clamato

Method: Rim the highball glass. Fill with ice. Add ingredients in order. Stir. Garnish.

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