Lamesa Filipino Kitchen

This restaurant is by far one of my favorite places to dine right now. The staff are wonderful and the food is the most well balanced I think I have ever had. Each dish’s textures and flavor combinations are obviously so well thought out. I have been to Lamesa twice now and have enjoyed every single last bite I have eaten there.

My first experience at the modern Filipino restaurant was also one of my most memorable culinary adventures. I was there a few months ago and had the opportunity to enjoy the 12 course chef tasting menu. I went back this past weekend and again was totally impressed by the service and food.

A few of the goodies we savored are below – Manuto Slider ($4), Bistek Tataki ($10), Adobo Fried Chicken ($23.00) and dessert was Ginataan ($7) – a housemade sweet potato gnocchi, taro chips, jackfruit, coconut milk and saging tapioca.

Lamesa Filipino Kitchen should not be missed, it’s located at 669 Queen Street West and offers a fun, cozy and up beat atmosphere. They have a nice selection of wine and a few signature cocktails. Another thing I love about eating here – their menu changes depending on the fresh ingredients they get on a regular basis. You have a choice to order off the menu or leave it all up to Chef Rudy Boquila and go with the prix fixe or tasting menu.

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