Ladies Night At Fabbrica

I was thrilled to be invited to dinner at Marc McEwan’s Fabbrica with a few fun, quirky and talented ladies, all with one major thing in common – our love of food. We indulged in Oysters, house-made sausage with polenta, real authentic Naples inspired pizza, braised octopus, fried smelts and incredible homemade desserts – Cibo squisito!

erin scheel italian food

erin scheel fabbrica

naples pizza erin loves food

erin loves food fabbrica

Big thanks goes out to Ivy Knight for arranging the entire gluttonous night of laughs, intimate secrets and of course delicious food all wrapped up with a disco party limo ride. Yes you heard that right, 6 of us piled in a sleek black limo that took us to and from our Don Mills culinary destination – you can read all about it here in the amazing write up on Swallow Food Dot Com.



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