La Dolce Vita

It is the sweet life that I live when I can walk 10 mins down the street from where I live when I have a craving for Gelato like I did the other night. Dolce Gelato in Little Italy is my fav place to go to get that cold creamy delicious cup of gelato. It is always busy no matter what time of day or year it is which makes it exciting and a great place to people watch. There are always lots of people enjoying every bite they take, the loud music, the huge selection of flavours, and just hanging out. Each time I dig into that cup with the super cute little spoon you get it brings me right back to sitting in the piazza in Rome and loving every moment I have with my Italian Ice Cream. Check out the link to the website above and if you don’t live on the west side you will be happy to see that they are opening another Dolce Gelato on the east side on the Danforth in a few days!

The royal pistachio is my absolute fav — try it with one of their many other flavours. You can get a small 2 scoop cup for only 3$ and it is Delizioso!

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