Know Where Your Food Comes From – WARNING This blog post may contain scenes of butchery and may not be suitable for a younger audience

Last week I got to spend the afternoon at Cowbell with Chef/Owner Mark Cutrara and watch as he broke down a whole deer. Yes that’s right, Miss Erin Loves Food got an up close and personal look at how farm to table butchery works.  I actually had an awesome time learning about the different cuts of meat and where they are located on the animal. It was such an interesting experience that made me way more aware of where my food comes from and how important sustainable farming and local food is. I definitely walked out of Cowbell having a much larger appreciation for the time and effort that goes into running a nose to tail orientated restaurant.

I wanted to share my experience with you and show you some pictures and videos of the day. If you do not want to look at them – no worries, just don’t fully open this post.

[youtube ZJmdKJTRORI nolink]

[youtube eiwS6ZlRHNA nolink]


Mark offers butchery demonstrations once a month that anyone can participate in – check it out here


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