In a Pickle?

First, I should start by telling you that my love of food and gastronomy started at a very young age and I thank my parents for that, thanks Gary and Joanne! When I was growing up we always had dinner together all sitting around the kitchen table chatting about our days. Whatever Gary or Jo Momma made that night is what we were eating – if we didn’t like it we were told the peanut butter and bread is in the cupboard. They both really like to cook and when I look back my brothers and I were so lucky to have homemade meals and to try different things growing up.


I love having an amazingly close family and of course you can imagine that most of what we do when we are together is eat and drink. We are always planning meals and get-togethers and while we are eating those meals we are planning the next. We love talking about food and all the yummy things we can make and enjoy together.


My family and I have many traditions that we like to do together like making pickles, we pick a Saturday in September and pick up all the fresh dill and pickling cucumbers from the local market, peel all the garlic and make the brine to fill up all the mason jars. Then we wait as they sit for a few weeks and look forward to Thanksgiving weekend when we can open the first jar and savor those tangy dills! We just made a batch a few weeks ago and had a great time – my brother who has been living in Australia for the last 5 years was home and able to help us which made this particular time super special! The recipe we always use is from my Granma Scheel and it has proven to make the most amazing pickles I have ever tasted – they are crunchy, salty, garlicky, and fill my heart up with so many great memories with every bite.


Granma Scheel’s Pickles

You have to start with getting your ingredients and it all depends on how many jars you would like to make. We always try to make enough for 9 or more jars so you will need –


Half a bushel of small pickling cucumbers

5 heads of garlic

2 bunches of fresh dill

12 cups of water

4 cups of pickling vinegar

1 cup sugar

1 cup coarse salt

Small tin of Alum (this is what help the cucs stay crunchy)


You want to bring the brine to a boil so everything dissolves. While the brine is getting hot you will start to fill your jars. First with 3 cloves of garlic in each, a few sprigs of the dill and then get as many little cucumbers you can nicely fit into the jars, then top with a pinch of the alum. You want to make sure that the brine is hot when you pour it into the glass mason jars so you might want to hold a metal spoon at the opening of the jar and pour the hot brine on to it as it fills the jar. Make sure that when you begin to fill your jars the brine covers each cucumber to the top. You can then screw on the Mason jar tops and the waiting begins.


Please let me know if you try this recipe and message me anytime if you have any specific questions about these wonderful homemade pickles! Enjoy xx

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  1. Joanne
    August 7, 2012

    Won’t be long now for our 2012 pickle making. Love Mom


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