Goed Eten : Adventures in Slicecream

I had a craving for ice cream today as I was walking home from a lunch out with friends, it was sunny and I was in the mood for something sweet. I was walking down Ossington and thought I would duck into the little cafe Goed Eten and see what kind of ice cream they had or if they had any at all. I had never been in there before but I knew it was a place that would have what I was looking for because I had seen a list of flavours they carried on the window a few times when I walked passed. I went inside and asked if I could get a small cup of ice cream, I was told by the girl that they had one flavour right now and it was black cherry strawberry. I thought that sounded delightful, I paid her $2.50 and she went into the back area where I could not see her and came back 3 mins later with a medium sized coffee cup with about 3 rectangle slabs of ice cream and a spoon in it. I thanked her, looked down at the odd looking way of presenting ice cream, and walked back into the sunshine. I took my first bite – or I should say I tried to, it was awkward and the ice cream was hard and crumbly. I couldn’t help but laugh and I laughed out loud – this wasn’t a nice yummy creamy cup of round ice cream scoops – this was slice cream!

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