Grilled Steak Salad with Chipotle Yogurt Dressing

I picked up a nice looking top sirloin steak the other day at the grocery store because it was on sale. I don’t normally grill my own steak because I always feel that my Dad or Brother do it better when I go home to visit. This time I was going to challenge myself and take what I have learned by watching them and apply to this steak. It`s all about how it feels when you touch the cooking meat on the grill.

I am so happy I did because this was one of the best salads I have ever had, I couldn’t get enough! The steak turned out perfectly cooked and tender.

First I made a rub, massaged it into the steak, and let it marinate for about two hours

Steak Rub

2 cloves of garlic chopped

chili powder

Montreal steak spice

fresh ground black pepper



garlic salt

soy sauce

olive oil

Mix everything thing together until its a paste and will stick to the steak when rubbed in.

Grill the steak to your liking, I like mine medium rare. Make sure to tent your steak when it comes off the grill and let it rest for about 10 mins before slicing it.

I also grilled some asparagus and green onions that I tossed with salt and olive oil. I cut them into smaller pieces and put them into the salad.

You can make the salad dressing ahead of time and it can stay in the fridge for a week or so.

Chipotle Yogurt Dressing

2 cloves garlic

1/2 cup yogurt

1/4 light mayo

1 tsp horseradish

1 tsp Dijon mustard

2 tbs red wine vinegar

2 tbs olive oil

half of a chipotle pepper with some sauce from the can

salt and pepper to taste

In a small food processor blend the ingredients above until smooth, toss with salad. You can also drizzle some over the top when plated like I did.

The flavours are amazing – Enjoy!! xx






  1. Brian
    May 26, 2011

    Great looking steak Erin. Next time you’re on BBQ duty.

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