Gourmet Indian at 5th Elementt

As my friend and I walked up to the front door of 5th Elementt, I wasn’t too sure what to expect. This restaurant claims to be fine dining which is not the first impression I got. It was chilly inside, the decor was minimal and the mismatched strange photography on the walls through me off. However, the delicious smells of cardamom and coconut curry that filled the air immediately put me at ease and I was excited to sit down to a gourmet Indian inspired meal.

The restaurant seating was split right down the middle with booths on the left hand side and tables on the right. Although it wasn’t very busy when we arrived, the few people who were dining looked like they were thoroughly enjoying their meals. Plates of fresh mango salad piled high, pyramids of rice and bowls of curries were being passes around, it all looked delicious.

The owner/chef John came over to chat with us and was very pleasant. He suggested we have a King Fisher beer – a light lager from India that would go very well with all the dishes he was going to send out…

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