Friday Night Pizza Night

A great memory I have from my parent’s kitchen is our homemade pizza nights, this was also paired with Friday night Tequila Night (that’s a whole other story). Sometimes friends would stop and sometimes it would be just the fam, either way it was the laidback and relaxing night we were all looking forward to at the end of the week.

We would each get a chunk of dough, roll it out, and have our own small pizza to create. It was fun because we all got to try each other’s (if people were willing to share) and taste all the different pizza topping combinations. My parents were always prepared; they always had so many different toppings to select from. My mom Joanne would be sautéing pears while my dad Gary was getting the fresh basil from their garden. I would be slicing or grating the 4 different cheeses they had to choose from and someone else would be cutting the pepperoni, cooking the sausage, or slicing the prosciutto. We would be rolling and grating and creating, with shots of tequila in between and flour everywhere we would be getting hungry and excited to eat our pizzas!

My favorite combos have been pear, brie, and prosciutto – sausage, green olives, and hot peppers – and really anything with pineapple and/or goat cheese! The thing I love the most about the pizzas my mom and I make is that we use sliced fresh tomatoes on the bottom of our pizza instead of sauce. We drizzle olive oil over the sliced tomatoes, top that with fresh basil, and continue with the rest of our toppings. Delish!

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