Fishbar Has Got Me Hooked

Just the other day I finally got to have my oysters and eat them too. It has been a month or so since Fishbar at 217 Ossington opened and I had been looking forward to eating there even before that. I live in the area so while the restaurant was being built I would walk past it everyday anxious to try some seafood delights.

Everyone was so friendly and treated my friend and I very well. Make sure to get the window seat so you can feel the great breeze and also people watch while you are sipping on yummy wine and in between nibbles. It is a perfect restaurant to go to on a date or with good friends because their menu is fantastic for sharing. It is very reasonably priced which is a great excuse to indulge in many of  the yummy dishes and have a bite of everything!

We started off with one of the most popular items Fishbar serves – Oysters. Some from the West and a few from the East all shucked for us by Mark Moore (previously Rodney’s Oyster guy). They were served with 3 sauces – spicy seafood sauce, ponzu sauce and an apple puree. I love just some lemon, horseradish, and a little seafood sauce – YUM!

And food kept coming…


White Anchovies with Caramelized Onions and Gremolata on a Sourdough Crostini. These were tasty however ended on a very fishy note.







Fresh Halibut Ceviche with Crispy Sweet Potato Straws. AMAZING!






The most melt in your mouth Mussels I have ever had. They were in a Tomato and Chorizo Sauce.






Steelhead Trout and Smoked Mackerel Rillette with Pickled Ramps and grilled toast. This dish was so great to share and I couldn’t stop eating it. It was smokey, buttery and super flavourful. You must go and eat this.. like now..GO.. hurry!







Romain with Smoked Mackerel and an Anchovy Dressing. This was delicious and one of my faves!







Grilled Calamari with capers and Nicoise Olives. Cooked perfectly and very yummy!! Obviously I liked it because this is a picture of the dish half eaten..It looked and smelt so good I forgot to take the photo right away. MmmYah


While we were there View The Vibe came in to film the busy restaurant in action and all the people (including myself) enjoying their food and wine – check it out here – and I must say they did a great job of not making me look ugly while I was eating and talking – lolz




We sipped on delicious wine and ate our way through a fantastic menu. Thanks Fishbar for an incredible gastronomic evening of many yummy flavours and interesting dishes xox


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