Filling Up on Food At The 2011 CNE

As sad as it is that summer is officially coming to a close, as least I can look back at the memorable time I had at The CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) this year. I did what I do best – I ate my way through all the crazy foods on a stick and deep fried everything with my food blogging friend Andrew Dobson of Dobbernationloves.

We met up at the front gate under the beautiful angels, picked up our media passes and b lined for the food building. It was such a busy day to be at The Ex – the techno dance music, game sounds and people were so overwhelming. We pushed passed people and their children, couples holding hands, and all those slow walkers out there (you know who you are) and finally arrived at our destination. As we walked through the doors of the food building it was filled with laughter, line ups, and the smell of gluttony. We went right for the deep fried mac and cheese and deep fried pickle on a stick.

Our pickle came with ranch dressing on the side to dip – the whole thing was just so awkward. The batter immediately started falling off the pickle on the first bite and it was hard to eat – the pickle was way to big. The mac and cheese was OK – we dipped pieces of deep fried mac and cheese into ranch dressing and hot sauce. There was a lot of batter, but when you got a good piece with gooey cheese and soft macaroni, it was awesome – just not consistent.

On to satisfy our sweet tooth – we shared a deep fried Oreo cookie and a deep fried mars bar.

The Oreo was very doughy and dry – it was just OK. The deep fried mars bar is something I have seen done so many times and never thought I would like it – I had one bite and loved it! Why did I wait so long to try this wonderful invention?!

We took a break from the food building and braved our way through the crowds to the Direct Energy Centre to see Michael Smith on the Food Network Canada stage. It was so busy – people everywhere anticipating what he was going to demo and hanging off his every word. We also stumbled across Carmichael’s Smoked Meats here and tried homemade Camel, Kangaroo, and Venison sausages – they were blow your mind good!

We finished our day back in the food building where we saved the most talked about food item at The CNE for last – The Donut Burger. This is everything you love about a burger in between two Krispy Kreme Donuts. I was excited to try this and thought I was going to love it because I love salty and sweet things together. I took one bite, then one more and I had to stop – I didn’t like it at all. It was way too sweet, another fail for me. I was so sad because I really wanted to like it.

We also shared the chicken and waffles – this was just OK too. They wrapped a piece of fried chicken in a waffle and topped it with  butter, syrup and hot sauce. The only think I didn’t like about this was that the waffle was soggy.

I had an amazing large glass of refreshing lemonade from the big lemon vendor while waiting in one of the lines – it might have been the best idea of the day.

I had a great time exploring the food at The EX with my bud Andrew – I’m looking forward to seeing what other crazy concoctions they are going to be serving next year. As I walked back to my bike all I could think about was how happy I was that I was riding home and for the next few days all I was going to have was salad.

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