Erin’s Top Ten of 2011

As 2011 comes to an end, it is exciting to think about all the great food, events, tastings, and delicious times I have experienced. I want to share a few of my top foodie memorable moments and relive all the yumminess with you. Click on the links to read my blog posts and see all the great pictures.

1. The Balsamic Vinegar at Briscola Italian Restaurant – this stuff was melt in your mouth dark, gooey and sweet syrupy goodness.

2. The Beef Tartare at Campangnolo – My mouth waters when I think about this dish, it is served with the most amazing truffle sauce and I could eat like 3 of them right now!

3. Out for cocktails at The Hoof Cocktail Bar – Located on Dundas is where you can find this cute speakeasy era inspired cocktail bar. It’s small, cozy and offers a variety of specialty mixed modern and old fashion cocktails. I am in love with this place, a perfect spot to bring a date or just chill with a few friends. My fave drinks are The Lavender Hound, The Manhattan and The Wine and Roses. A word for the wise, DO NOT ask for anything made with vodka!

4. Toronto Taste – the most amazing event and experience of the year for anyone who loves food! It’s worth clicking on the link to read my post about this year’s fabulous event at The ROM. The highlights were definitely meeting  Chef Michael Smith and Roger Mooking.

5. Breaking down a whole deer at Cowbell – I had the amazing opportunity to see the butchery of a whole deer in action with chef/owner Mark Cutrara.

6. The Smoked Manhattan at L.A.B – I have had a few phenomenal experiences at  L.A.B: Live and Breath on College Street this past year. The one thing that I always had to order was the smoked Manhattan. Chef/owner Howard Dubrovsky turns a classic cocktail into something amazing by smoking the triple sec he stirs into this tasty drink. Click on the link and check out the video!

7. Top Chef Canada Dinner – This was one of the most fantastic dinners I have ever had in my whole life. I was personally invited by Top Chef Canada Contestant Andrea Nicholson to be a guest. The dinner was at Great Cooks on Eight where 5 Top Chef Canada Contestants each put together a dish to give us a brilliant 5 course menu. It was also here that I discovered my fondness for Fielding Estate wines – these were paired with all the meals that night.

8. The Culinary Adventure Company Food Tours – I had the pleasure of working with and becoming great friends with The Culinary Adventure Company this year. I have had many amazing food experiences throughout Toronto because of them. Please read about my very own culinary adventures through Little Italy and Leslieville that I wrote up for my blog. Check out their website and click the link above for more details on the food tours and cooking classes they offer.

9. The Toronto Beer Festival – This is one of my favorite events of the year because I would definitely call myself a beer enthusiast. So, the fact that I got media passes for the whole weekend made for an interesting few days. Click the link to read about all my faves and please let me know of any others you think I should try.

10. Secret Pickle Supper Club – This was my first secret underground dinner experience and it was awesome!

When I look back on all the amazing things I have be able to be a part of this past year it brings a massive smile to my face. I am one lucky little food lover! I am so pumped and looking forward to more fun and exciting food adventures in 2012.





  1. Joanne (Mom)
    January 5, 2012

    Well done Erin. Hope all your dreams will come true for 2012.Remember work hard then you can play hard. Love you.

  2. Sam
    January 12, 2012

    What a year Erin! Man that Lavendar hound sounds right up my alley.
    Since we’ve been back in TO Campangnolo has been on the top of my list thanks to you. I’m hoping Winterliscious has a good deal for them….Mom’s 55 b-day is coming up early Feb and I think it would be the perfect place to take her.

    • Erin
      January 23, 2012

      It is an amazing drink and thanks so much for reading my top ten! I would love to get together sometime since you are back now – what do you think? email me at


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