My name is Erin and I love food… I am told that I am “obsessed” with food and I think it might be true. I am not a foodie, restaurant critic, or culinary expert. I am a food lover and in a constant search for a full belly. I plan my meals in my head as I’m drifting off to sleep, I’m always looking for new recipes during the day when I’m supposed to be working and the first thing I do when I turn on my TV is check what’s on the FOOD Network. I love reading menus, it’s like the way food is described in them almost satisfies my hunger because I can taste the ingredients listed in each dish. I call my mom or talk to anyone who will listen just to tell them what I’m making for dinner and I always make too much food just so I can share and of course because I lala love to have the leftovers!

I have lived in Toronto most of my life and have been enamored with the city’s food culture and fascinated by the culinary possibilities this city has to offer on a daily basis. As you can see food is my passion – I get excited when I talk about all the food I love to eat, recipes I love to make, restaurants I like to try, and cooking shows I love to watch and so much more. I am even more excited to start sharing this with you and having a place to put all my food chatter.

And so begins my quest through gastronomy. This blog will take you through my adventures in food – eating out and staying in. I hope you are able to find interesting tips, recipes, new ideas, and great stories within erin loves food that will warm up your heart and your kitchen!

Enjoy! xx

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