A Cloudy Day At Trinity Bellwoods Farmers Market

I just got home from The Trinity Bellwoods Farmers Market. I am a little wet because it started to drizzle just as I was leaving with all of my goodies. A little rain doesn’t matter to the organizers of this market because rain or shine the show must go on. The market is open every Tuesday 3pm – 7pm now until Oct 25 at Trinity Bellwoods, Dundas and Shaw.

I love this market and the clouds today didn`t stop me from wanting to come. There is something so appealing about walking into the open parkĀ  full of covered stalls. Seeing people chatting about the fresh produce and getting advice on the best way to plant their tomatoes. I came to this market many times last summer and each time there was something different and in season to buy. Today the talk of the market were the fiddle heads, an earthy flavored vegetable you can steam. I like to season them with fresh lemon juice and lots of salt and pepper. I overheard the man who harvested these popular greens say that he was almost done the bin he brought to sell and it was only 330pm. So the best advice I can give you is that if you want something specific get to the market early.


I made my way around the rest of the market and picked up some homemade organic granola that is to die for. I also stopped by The Matchbox Garden & Seed Co. to have a look at the beautiful herbs they had. The smell of the fresh basil and lavender immediately made me smile even though I thought I just felt a rain drop. I had an amazing chat with the woman at Matchbox Garden about all the varieties of tomatoes they had, very informative. I bought some basil and headed to the next stall where I picked up some gorgeous asparagus.

The Trinity Bellwoods Farmers Market also has vendors who sell organic artisan breads and cheeses, a meat guy, and a fish guy. You can find organic cat and dog treats as well as the `famous` flower guy who always has a beautiful selection. You name him a price $2, $5, or $10 and he will come up with a suitable bouquet for you.

I will be heading back there next Tuesday and the next and the next as there is always something interesting and yummy to bring home every time. Thanks TB Famers Market!



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