30 Items You Can Eat On A Stick At The 2011 CNE

Well its that time of year again, daylight is getting a little bit shorter, back to school commercials have started and The Canadian National Exhibition has begun today! This year you will find some fun food to snack on and the vendors are making it even easier to walk around by serving many of your fave carnival foods on a stick!! 30 of them to be exact.


·         Candy Apples

·         Caramel Apples

·         Candy floss

·         Chicken

·         Chicken tenders

·         Corn dogs

·         Deep Fried Ah-Caramel

·         Deep Fried Brownies

·         Deep Fried Mac & Cheese

·         Deep Fried Oreo

·         Deep Fried PBn’J Sandwiches (peanut, butter and jelly)

·         Deep Fried Pop Tart

·         Deep Fried Tortilla Mash Dog with chili and cheese sauce

·         Deep Fried Twinkies

·         Deep Fried Twix

·         Dill Pickles

·         Fire Hot Sausage

·         Fish Balls

·         Fudge

·         Ice Cream sandwich dipped in chocolate rolled in peanuts

·         Regular Sausage

·         Saint Cinnamon Poppers

·         Deep Fried Mars bars

·         Meatballs

·         Pizza

·         Pogo

·         Pork Souvlaki

·         Shrimp

·         Turkish delight

·         Vietnamese Pork

OMG this list is awesome! Gimme some Saint Cinnamon Poppers and a Deep Fried PB&J Sandwich and lets call it a day – all sounds absolutely terrible for us yet how can you go wrong.. its on a stick! lol

Let’s go to The Ex! 

August 19 – September 5, 2011- www.theex.com

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