1 tequila 2 tequila 3 tequila MORE!

One of my new favorite little cocktails I am mixing up right now is one my roommate actually introduced to me. I love tequila and I usually have a good bottle on the bar for the times I feel like sipping on it, sharing with some friends and enjoying the taste. The tequila that I have at home right now is Cabo Wabo Reposado – its super tasty and smooth, a little smokey with a nice finish.

I would suggest to try Cabo Wabo (if you havent already) if you like sipping on tequila – its full of flavor. I usually don’t like mixing really nice tequila in a cocktail – but this one is different. I feel like the cocktail really compliments the flavor of a good tequila because there really isn’t too much to it.

Mix one up and let me know what you think – enjoy!

1 oz Cabo Wabo Reposado tequila

fresh squeezed juice from half a lime

Pour over ice in a rock glass and top with club soda

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